automated generation and printing of GxP critical documentation.

What is ViperPrint?

ViperPrint is an Enhanced Server Print Solution for GxP Environments. This application can be integrated into many existing EDM and ERP Systems, utilizing the existing documentation set to produce fully controlled paper copies of approved documents. The printed copy is overlayed with a usage ‘water mark’. This will indicate the intended use of the paper copy I.e. Training, Controlled Copy, Uncontrolled, Draft etc. Usage data is displayed on the printed paper copy. Data types displayed ‘Printed By’, ‘Printed Date’, ‘Copy Number’, ‘Requestor’, ‘Reason for Use’.The Copy Number is generated by the system and sorted with the other data in the EDM, ERP tables or Viperdoc's own database application ViperControl . Deleted copy entries are marked as ‘non-live’ and the copy number is no longer available for use. Complete document manuals can be produced, controlled, deployed and recalled to and from offices, manufacturing and laboratory areas. All transactions are monitored for currency.

• Handle Miltie document types and translate to Industry standard Adobe Acrobat PDF.

• Print Water Marked and Data Loaded Documents.

• Link to company EDMS or SAP document vaults.

• Print single or Miltie document sets per request submitted.

• Manual and Index Generation per document set.

• Audit trail for each document printed i.e. who, when, what and why etc.

• Robust and fast creation process.

• Reconciliation sheet, displaying all printed items generated per Print Job

• 24 hour Document Printing and Reporting Access.

ViperPrint has the following features: Ability to handle Industry standard Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Link to any EDMS or SAP System Vault for master documentation data and templates. Network and Web based system,securing data integrity and document revision confidence.Password and privilege controls built in. Substation of data stored within ViperPrint tables or from third party systems. Provides an audit trail for each document printed i.e. who, when, what and why etc. Provides a Water Marked and Data Loaded Document. Endorses standard documentation overlays.