shift handover, event logging & collaboration software

What is ViperShift?

The ViperShift system has been designed specifically for Shift Handover and logging in a collaborative environment. The Pharmaceutical and related Industry sectors are required to focus their attention on recording and cataloguing all manner of plant operations. Plant safety is paramount, and of equal importance is the ability to communicate plant operational knowledge to all concerned. ViperShift was designed as a software based, data access and retrieval system, that plant technicians and operators can use to record every occurrence, and act as a communications tool to facilitate the ‘Shift Handover’ process between shifts from a secure and validated environment.

• Shift Handover Visibility with Area and Process Logging.

• Standardizing Shift or Individual Handover Events.

• Miltie Site, Plant and Process Logging.

• Detailed Reports of all activity filtered to meet operational requirements.

• All Reference Documents relating to Processes available via links to EDM systems.

• Full Audit History of all Recorded Shift Activity.

• Simple User Interface.

• 24 hour Shift Status and Reporting Access.

The majority of Industrial organisations are still reliant upon paper log records and in-house applications to communicate what has occurred on the plant during the current shift. The outgoing shift team leader and team will affect the shift handover process with the incoming shift team leader and team. The shift team has a wealth of operational knowledge that must be effectively communicated to the incoming shift. Every relevant detail must be passed onto the incoming shift team, as this information may contribute to performance from a safety, environmental, health, quality, cost orreliability perspective. Many will not be surprised to learn that the more significant process disruptions occur shortly after a shift handover than at any other time of the day. A decision is made or more importantly ‘not’ made simply because the incoming shift operators and supervisors are not made aware of the current operational status of the plant. These avoidable incidents can range from an oversight to a life-threatening situation! What could possibly go wrong at this critical shift handover time? The answer to this rhetorical question is just about anything! ViperShift aims to remove the uncertainty surrounding shift hand and replace this with total certainty that all relevant information has been communicated to the in coming shift or transferred from one individual to another.